CHECK our FAQs for answers

Are your hot dogs made of beef or pork?

We serve Koegel hot dogs which are a blend of pork, beef and unique spices stuffed into a natural casing and then smoked using natural hardwoods.

How many toppings can you put on the BYO?

As many as you want! Just keep in mind some combinations are gooder than others.

What menu items contain gluten?

Our Tots, Jojos, Mac & Cheese, Cookies, buns, and crumble toppings, all contain gluten.

Do you have gluten free buns?

Sorry, no gluten free buns available at this time.

Do you offer a veggie dog?

We do! It’s made of brown rice, pea protein, and tasty spices.

What menu items are Vegan?

Our Veggie dog, (not the bun), black bean pico, spicy sauerkraut, lettuce, tomato, onion jalapeño, atomic relish, and pickles are all vegan.

What menu items contain eggs?

Our Buns, Cookies, Mac & Cheese, Wonder Sauce, 1000 island dressing, coleslaw (dressing), and ice cream for our milkshakes all contain egg.

Do your cookies contain nuts?

They sure don't but they are made in a facility that contains nuts, and the iced cookies have almond extract.

Can I add toppings to my sides?

Absolutely! Top them off with coney, cheese, sauces, or whatever else. Get weird with unlimited toppings.

What gets fried in oil?

Our Jojos and tots are fried to crispy perfection in canola oil.

Can we bring beverages over from Pins and 16-Bit?

Yes! We encourage guests from Pins and 16-Bit to come on over to enjoy our tasty delights with a cold glass of beer.

Where can I park?

There is street parking available on Longshore St. as well as free parking garages located throughout Bridge Park. Easton has plenty of free parking, our location is right next the parking garage on Easton Loop E (Brighton Rose Way).

Do you deliver?

We do! You can order delivery through our website or the DoorDash app. $15 minimum order applies.

Do you host fundraising events?

Yep! Book a fundraiser event and get 15% back on both in-store and online sales during your event. For more info check out https://www.weeniewonder.com/fundraising